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      Merge branch 'patch-meta_in_summary' into 'develop' · c7dddadd
      Wai Yi Leung authored
      Patch meta in summary
      This pull request adds a `meta` entry to the root of each summary JSON file. The contents of the meta is:
      `last_commit_hash`: the commit hash of the repository when the JAR was built. If the repository has uncommitted changes, `-dirty` is appended to the commit hash.
      `pipeline_version`: the version of the pipeline (the one we put in the `pom.xml` file).
      This information is static across all modules and subpipelines to any given pipeline run, so I decided to put this in the root.
      See merge request !144
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      Merge branch 'patch-extractalignedfastq' into 'develop' · 81fa8685
      Wai Yi Leung authored
      Patch extractalignedfastq
      The changeset + commit message should be clear enough :). This was caused by a passing a wrong variable to the `BasicFastqWriter` constructor.
      See merge request !142
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      Merge branch 'patch-mpileup' into 'develop' · 82ad6a8f
      Wai Yi Leung authored
      Fix intervals
      Fix for #128
      See merge request !145
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      Merge branch 'feature-yaml_support' into 'develop' · e35cb525
      Wai Yi Leung authored
      Feature yaml support
      Issue #142
      Now implemented a yaml parser and commandline argument to add values to config. Json still uses the old parser, when a file extension is ".yaml" the new parser is used. Later we might remove the old parser completely since SnakeYaml also supports json.
      See merge request !146
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