Commit 81fa8685 authored by Wai Yi Leung's avatar Wai Yi Leung
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Merge branch 'patch-extractalignedfastq' into 'develop'

Patch extractalignedfastq

The changeset + commit message should be clear enough :). This was caused by a passing a wrong variable to the `BasicFastqWriter` constructor.

See merge request !142
parents 82ad6a8f b35d8644
......@@ -146,9 +146,8 @@ object ExtractAlignedFastq extends ToolCommand {
def extractReads(memFunc: FastqInput => Boolean,
inputFastq1: FastqReader, outputFastq1: BasicFastqWriter): Unit =
.filter(rec => memFunc(rec._1, rec._2))
.foreach(rec => outputFastq1.write(rec._1))
.filter(rec => memFunc((rec, None)))
.foreach(rec => outputFastq1.write(rec))
* Extracts reads from the given input Fastq pairs and writes to new output Fastq pair files
......@@ -261,17 +260,25 @@ object ExtractAlignedFastq extends ToolCommand {"Writing to output file(s) ...")
(commandArgs.inputFastq2, commandArgs.outputFastq2) match {
case (None, None) => extractReads(memFunc,
new FastqReader(commandArgs.inputFastq1),
new BasicFastqWriter(commandArgs.inputFastq1))
case (Some(i2), Some(o2)) => extractReads(memFunc,
new FastqReader(commandArgs.inputFastq1),
new BasicFastqWriter(commandArgs.outputFastq1),
new FastqReader(i2),
new BasicFastqWriter(o2))
case _ => // handled by the command line config check above
case (None, None) =>
val in = new FastqReader(commandArgs.inputFastq1)
val out = new BasicFastqWriter(commandArgs.outputFastq1)
extractReads(memFunc, in, out)
case (Some(i2), Some(o2)) =>
val in1 = new FastqReader(commandArgs.inputFastq1)
val in2 = new FastqReader(i2)
val out1 = new BasicFastqWriter(commandArgs.outputFastq1)
val out2 = new BasicFastqWriter(o2)
extractReads(memFunc, in1, out1, in2, out2)
case _ => ; // handled by the command line config check above
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