1. 16 Feb, 2015 6 commits
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      Merge branch 'patch-pipelines_test' into 'develop' · 95abfc8e
      Wai Yi Leung authored
      Patch pipelines test
      This is a patch for the newly added pipeline tests to ensure that each pipeline test has a unique directory that is removed after the test. The curren behaviour is to use a named directory in the user's tmp directory, that may fail if a directory with that name already exist.
      @p.j.van_t_hof , this is what we discussed earlier.
      See merge request !96
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      Merge branch 'patch-fastq_sync_stream' into 'develop' · dfb1ece5
      Wai Yi Leung authored
      Patch fastq sync stream
      The current implementation of `FastqSync` creates an intermediate Stream that is then passed to a writing function. Apparently, the `Stream` is not evaluated as lazily (or not in the way) as I thought. This led to weird StackOverflow errors (not yet documented).
      This fix merges the Stream creation and writing function, so that no intermediate containers are created and no errors are encountered. Tests have been updated accordingly.
      See merge request !95
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      Merge branch 'patch_coniferfix' into 'develop' · 4731b21d
      bow authored
      Patch coniferfix
      There was a bug in reading files from the RPKM ref directory.
      Now filters to *.txt and the .out file is now created as a hidden file (for inprocess runs we need to overrride this)
      Reporter: Gijs Santen,
      Fix: Wai Yi Leung
      See merge request !93
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      Refactor syncIter logic · a913c55e
      bow authored
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      Open and close handlers properly · 922b3949
      bow authored
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