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      Merge branch 'path-style-fix' into 'develop' · 61232d12
      Wai Yi Leung authored
      Fixed style
      Auto style plugin keep changing this files in develop.
      See merge request !154
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      Merge branch 'patch-picard_summary' into 'develop' · 5414c7ab
      Wai Yi Leung authored
      Fix Picard metrics parsing to use the correct types
      Work in progress: don't merge yet.
      This merge request is for #151. I implemented a general utility function that should be able to handle arbitrarily large numbers. The trade off is that it loses the type information. Maybe there is some clever way to retain it, based on the return types of the supplied conversion function(s). But for now, this should be sufficient for the fix of issue #151 (there, we pattern match to check the actual type).
      There are still some todos:
      - [x] Update Picard parsing to handle this
      - [x] Add unit tests for the conversion functions
      - [ ] Add BigInt and BigDecimal support for the `anyToJson` function (this is optional, I think)
      See merge request !148
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      Fixed style · b0608696
      Peter van 't Hof authored
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      Added tests for number converting · ee303c87
      Peter van 't Hof authored
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