Commit ea2bdb56 authored by Peter van 't Hof's avatar Peter van 't Hof
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Remove unused lines

parent 3b55324c
......@@ -18,7 +18,6 @@ package nl.lumc.sasc.biopet.pipelines.gears
import nl.lumc.sasc.biopet.core.summary.SummaryQScript
import nl.lumc.sasc.biopet.core.BiopetQScript.InputFile
import nl.lumc.sasc.biopet.core.{ PipelineCommand, SampleLibraryTag }
import nl.lumc.sasc.biopet.extensions.Flash
import nl.lumc.sasc.biopet.pipelines.flexiprep.Flexiprep
import nl.lumc.sasc.biopet.utils.config.Configurable
import org.broadinstitute.gatk.queue.QScript
......@@ -134,8 +133,6 @@ class GearsSingle(val root: Configurable) extends QScript with SummaryQScript wi
qiimeClosed.outputDir = new File(outputDir, "qiime_closed")
qiimeClosed.fastqInput = combinedFastq
//TODO: Plots
seqCount.foreach { seqCount =>
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