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Add test cases for missing ALT in call vcf

When a vcf file contains calls for all specified positions, the ALT field will
be empty if there is only a reference call in that position. This commits adds
tests for this case.
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......@@ -362,3 +362,51 @@ def test_parse_variants_concordant():
parse_variants('A', call, pos, results)
assert results['alleles_concordant'] == 1
def gatk_no_alt_in_call():
""" Test statistics when the ALT allele is missing from the called vcf
The ALT allele has been set to '.' for each variant, and the corresponding
GT has been set to 0/0 to generate valid variants.
filename = 'tests/cases/gatk.vcf.gz'
no_alt = 'tests/cases/gatk_no_alt.vcf.gz'
positive = VCF(filename, gts012=True)
call = VCF(no_alt, gts012=True)
d, disc = site_concordancy(call, positive, call_samples=['BLANK'],
positive_samples=['BLANK'], min_dp=0, min_gq=0)
return d
def test_no_alt_call_total_sites(gatk_no_alt_in_call):
assert gatk_no_alt_in_call['total_sites'] == 37
def test_no_alt_call_sites_considered(gatk_no_alt_in_call):
assert gatk_no_alt_in_call['sites_considered'] == 37
def test_no_alt_call_het_concordant(gatk_no_alt_in_call):
assert gatk_no_alt_in_call['alleles_het_concordant'] == 0
def test_no_alt_call_hom_alt_concordant(gatk_no_alt_in_call):
assert gatk_no_alt_in_call['alleles_hom_alt_concordant'] == 0
def test_no_alt_call_hom_ref_concordant(gatk_no_alt_in_call):
assert gatk_no_alt_in_call['alleles_hom_ref_concordant'] == 32
def test_no_alt_call_alleles_concordant(gatk_no_alt_in_call):
assert gatk_no_alt_in_call['alleles_concordant'] == 46
def test_no_alt_call_alleles_discordant(gatk_no_alt_in_call):
assert gatk_no_alt_in_call['alleles_discordant'] == 20
def test_no_alt_call_alleles_no_call(gatk_no_alt_in_call):
assert gatk_no_alt_in_call['alleles_no_call'] == 8
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