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Fixed bug with partial no calls

To fix this, we had to rewrite the logic used when comparing variants.
As a side effect, 'allele_no_call' is now only counted for partial calls
when they occur in the call set. The test case
test_partial_positive_no_call was updated to reflect this change.

Also fixed an error where the known and called variants were switched
when they were being passed to parse_variants.
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......@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ def test_partial_positive_concordant(partial_positive_file):
def test_partial_positive_no_call(partial_positive_file):
assert partial_positive_file['alleles_no_call'] == 6
assert partial_positive_file['alleles_no_call'] == 0
......@@ -16,16 +16,16 @@ def parse_variants(ref: str, call: List[str], pos: List[str],
results: Dict[str, int]):
""" Parse the variants and add to results """
call_variant = sorted(call)
pos_variant = sorted(pos)
call_variant = set(call)
pos_variant = set(pos)
# The types of concordant calls are counted separately
if call_variant == pos_variant:
# These variants are homozygous reference
if call_variant[0] == call_variant[1] and call_variant[0] == ref:
if len(call_variant) == 1 and next(iter(call_variant)) == ref:
results['alleles_hom_ref_concordant'] += 2
# These variants are heterozygous, since they have different calls
elif call_variant[0] != call_variant[1]:
elif len(call_variant) > 1:
results['alleles_het_concordant'] += 2
# If they are not homozygous reference, and not heterozygous, they must
# be homozygous alternative, for whichever alt allele they have
......@@ -33,12 +33,14 @@ def parse_variants(ref: str, call: List[str], pos: List[str],
results['alleles_hom_alt_concordant'] += 2
# Here we count all alleles independently, also for the concordant calls
for i, j in zip(call_variant, pos_variant):
# If one of the variants is partial no call
if i == '.' or j == '.':
for allele in call:
if allele == '.':
results['alleles_no_call'] += 1
elif i == j:
elif allele in pos:
results['alleles_concordant'] += 1
# We cannot match an A/A call with A/G, so we need to remove the
# A call from the positive set once we have 'used' it
results['alleles_discordant'] += 1
......@@ -204,7 +206,7 @@ def site_concordancy(call_vcf: VCF,
# We also need to know the reference call to determine if variants
# are hom ref. For this, we take the positive vcf REF call to be
# the truth
parse_variants(pos_record.REF, pos_gt, cal_gt, d)
parse_variants(pos_record.REF, cal_gt, pos_gt, d)
# The current variant is discordant
if d['alleles_discordant'] > discordant_count:
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