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      Some typo and formatting fixes in tips lecture · 8d9910cf
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      Remove todo notes · 14a508d8
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      They have either been implemented or filed as an issue on GitLab.
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      Updates martijn
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      Jfjlaros 2014
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      Updates bow
      Slight delay because yesterday some things took more time than I predicted..
      But I think the tips presentation is ready now :). I added the git-prompt.sh file (which comes with a git install) to the repository just to be sure we have a backup in case the file is not available in the laptops.
      Other than that, I skipped the autocrlf / safecrlf config since it seems more complicated for first-time git users. Instead, I added some slides about `git add --patch` for selective commits of line changes, which I think is more useful (and easier to grasp).
      Anyway, comments are welcomed.
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