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for i in $src; do
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tracwiki commit git
tracwiki attach git *.pdf data.tgz
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= Git introduction course =
= Version control with Git course =
This course aims at everyone who works in the Bioinformatics field. We cover a
''version control system'' named ''Git''. This system is widely used by
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track of all versions, history, etc. collaboration with colleagues is easy and
your analysis will be reproducible.
The program can be found [raw-attachment:program.pdf here].
The next installment will be on '''June 23'''. Registration is required and handled by MGC. [ Register at their website].
The June 23, 2014 program can be found [raw-attachment:program.pdf here].
== Prerequisites ==
Affinity with the UNIX shell is required before taking the course. For example, our [wiki:scripting scripting course] is more than enough, or you could go though [ tutorials 1-3 here].
We can provide you with a laptop that has all the required software installed. You can also use your own laptop, but make sure it has the necessary software installed (see [wiki:git/SoftwareInstallation Software installation]). The lessons are interactive, meaning that you really need a laptop.
== Course material ==
'''Note: most of this is not yet updated from last year's course.'''
Introduction [raw-attachment:introduction.pdf presentation],
[raw-attachment:introduction_handouts.pdf practical]. [[br]]
Git Basics [raw-attachment:basics.pdf presentation],
......@@ -23,10 +34,19 @@ Project skeleton / `git-annex`
[raw-attachment:skeleton_handouts.pdf practical],
[raw-attachment:data.tgz data].
[ Material sources].
[ Material sources].
== Further reading ==
[ The entire Pro Git book] on the official [ Git website]. [[br]]
[ Ry's Git Tutorial]. [[br]]
[ Git tutorials at Atlassian]. [[br]]
[ Git cheat sheet].
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- [ Code School - Try Git] (you could even try this before the course)
- [ The entire Pro Git book] on the official [ Git website]
- [ Ry's Git Tutorial]
- [ Git tutorials at Atlassian]
- [ Learn Git Branching]
- [ Git cheat sheet] (useful for printing)
== Contact ==
Please contact [ Martijn Vermaat] if you have any questions or comments.
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= Software installation =
We assume you have a system with all software listed below installed '''before''' the course starts.
If you're in the Human Genetics department, Michel can help you by installing all this on your LUMC computer. Simply mention ''git course''.
We work with [ Linux], more specifically Ubuntu (12.04 Quantal Quetzal or later) or Debian Linux (7/Wheezy or later). Git also runs on Windows and Mac OSX, so if you manage to install it on there that's also fine (but note that during the course we will assume Linux).
You can [ download Ubuntu here] and either install it directly on your laptop, or run it inside [ VirtualBox].
We need some system packages to be installed. For the following command, you need sudo rights:
sudo apt-get install -y git gitg git-annex
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