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\providecommand{\handoutsTitle}{GitLab and Markdown}
In this practical, you'll work both with your repository and with the repository your neighbour created
during the previous practical. We'll refer to this repository as {\bf N}, and
to your own repository from the previous practical as {\bf Y}.
Make sure that your repository \textbf{Y} is private and add your colleague as a member to it as \textbf{Guest}.
Try to clone his or her repository to your local machine. Make sure to do this in a
separate directory.
Change the role of your neighbour from \textbf{Guest} to \textbf{Developer} and try to clone it again.
Edit locally a file from your neighbour \textbf{N} directory and try to push.
Make an issue that you are not able to push and ask to become a \textbf{Master} in the project.
Assign the issue to your neighbour.
Change the role of your neighbour from \textbf{Developer} to \textbf{Master} and try to push again.
Comment and close the issue that was assigned to you.
Inspect the commit graph on GitLab.
Edit the README file in such a way that at least the following markdown features are used:
\item Multiple header levels.
\item Emphasis: italics, bold, combined, underscores.
\item Ordered and unordered lists.
\item Tables.
\item Links
Supports Markdown
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