Commit aa6f864e authored by Floris Berendsen's avatar Floris Berendsen
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Merge branch 'ELASTIX-43-Show-header-files-in-Visual-Studio' into...

Merge branch 'ELASTIX-43-Show-header-files-in-Visual-Studio' into ELASTIX-44-Unite-Interface-framework-with-Factory-framework
parents 951d2a00 30fbcf69
......@@ -8,6 +8,12 @@ set( ${MODULE}_INCLUDE_DIRS
file(GLOB ${MODULE}_HEADER_FILES "${${MODULE}_SOURCE_DIR}/*/include/*.*")
#@Kasper: file GLOB is generally disencouraged for source files (missing files are not detected and CMake doesn't know if the project has to be updated when due to a checkout extra source files are in the tree), but since this I think is not really an issue for header files...
#I read: CMake will figure out that they're headers; it won't try to build them.
# Export libraries
......@@ -29,5 +35,5 @@ set( ${MODULE}_SOURCE_FILES
# Compile library
add_library( ${MODULE} STATIC "${${MODULE}_SOURCE_FILES}" )
target_link_libraries( ${MODULE} ${ELASTIX_LIBRARIES} )
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