Commit 8d4df927 authored by Giannis Moustakas's avatar Giannis Moustakas Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #6 from biopet/fix-BIOPET-526

Fix for error when creating the report
parents 3c489130 e548e078
......@@ -345,8 +345,7 @@ object BammetricsReport extends ReportBuilder {
val pathValues: Map[String, Array[Any]] = {
case (key, path) =>
val value = summary.getValueAsArray(sampleId, libId, path: _*)
require(value.isDefined, s"Sample: $sampleId, library: $libId on path: '${path.mkString(",")}' does not exist in summary")
key -> value.get
key -> value.getOrElse(Array())
require( == 1, s"Arrays in summary does not have the same number of values, $paths")
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