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# GitLab use cases for data analysis projects
- creating new project in [GitLab](
- project namespace
- group and individual access levels
- [LUMC]( git server (based on [GitLab]( concepts:
- projects (equivalent to separate git repositories; private or public)
- members (users who have access to the projects; full, read-only, comment, etc)
- groups (groups of users; share access rights and namespaces)
- demo how to create a new project (note shell commands to connect to the repository)
- `` file:
- editing in the browser
- [markdown]( language
- commiting changes
- checking commit log and graph
- checking changes
- checking commit log and graph [[real example](]
- project skeletons
- _use case:_ writing minutes of a meeting
- _use case:_ bioinformatics analysis:
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