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\providecommand{\handoutsTitle}{Git Basics}
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\subsubsection*{Connect to the education server}
Open \url{} in your browser.
Download and run \href{}{\textbf{putty.exe}. (Alternative binary files, the SSH and Telnet client itself)}.
Introduce the education server IP address \textbf{} as destination.
Make sure that the \textbf{port number} is set to \textbf{22} and that \textbf{SSH} is selected as \textbf{connection type} and press ``\textbf{Open}'' to start the connection.
Press ``Yes'' if the security alert pops up.
Introduce your provided \textbf{username} and press enter.
Introduce your provided \textbf{password} and press enter.
\subsubsection*{Local configuration}
First, let Git know what your name and e-mail address is:
$ git config --global "Your Name"
$ git config --global "your@email.address"
$ cat ~/.gitconfig
It is convenient to have a \lstinline{projects} folder for your repositories:
mkdir ~/projects
cd ~/projects
\subsubsection*{Create a repository}
First, create an empty directory and use ``\lstinline{git init}'' to make a new
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