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Working with Windows

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# Software installation on Windows
To follow the course practicals, you need a terminal and
[Git](, both of which are easy to install on
[Linux]( or Mac OSX. For Windows, there are
a number of options, described below.
## MobaxTerm
Most light-weight is to install something like
[MobaXterm](, which provides a terminal emulator
and can install other software from the Linux platform such as Git.
After opening MobaxTerm, use the following to install Git:
apt-get install git libopenssl100
## VirtualBox
Using [VirtualBox](, you can run a complete Linux
installation in a virtual machine from Windows. For example, create a new
virtual machine with VirtualBox and install [Ubuntu]( in
## Work on a remote machine
If you have an account on a remote Linux machine, you can connect to that using
[PyTTY]( or
[MobaXterm]( and work from there.
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