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[WIP] Branching handouts

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{\bf Git Introduction Course}
Working with branches in Git practical.
\subsubsection*{Inspect the commit graph.}
We'll work from the repository you created in the previous practical.
\item \emph{Question:} What is you current branch and what is the hash of
the commit it points to?
\item \emph{Question:} What does the commit graph of you repository look
\emph{Hint:} Use \texttt{git log} with the appropriate arguments.
\subsubsection*{Implement a feature in a new branch.}
Let's do some real work (e.g., add some documentation to the project).
Start by creating a branch for your work (give it a descriptive name) and
switch to it.
\item \emph{Question:} What branches are there now and what are the commits
they point to?
Implement your feature (e.g. write documentation) and commit your changes.
\item \emph{Question:} What does the commit graph of you repository look
like now?
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