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    Revert adding Reference.version column · 6e5a04ef
    Vermaat authored
    While working on this, I came to the conclusion it's not a good idea to
    split accession and version. It introduces a lot of complexity for
    little benefit.
    In general, Mutalyzer always sees 'accession.version' as the identifier
    of the reference and because we always want exact identifiers, there is
    little need for accession numbers without version.
    The most obvious use case I see for a split is that we can easily query
    available references with a certain accession, not taking version into
    account, as a way to inform the user when a specific reference
    identifier was not found. But I guess we better have this use case as
    the exception, and make our life easier for the rest.
    So I guess I'm aborting this for now. Addition of the `version` column
    has already landed in the master branch, but this is easy to roll
    back. The original column has not yet been touched in master.