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    Track source for reference files · 1a578b94
    Vermaat authored
    Previously, the original source for a reference file was implicit:
    1. If accession number starts with `LRG_`, it came from the LRG FTP
    2. If a download URL is known, it was downloaded from there.
    3. If slice data is known, it was sliced from the NCBI.
    4. If a GI number is known, it was downloaded from the NCBI.
    5. Otherwise, it was uploaded.
    In preparation for the removal of GI numbers (#349), this had to be
    revisited. We now store the source explicitely in a new `source` field
    on the `Reference` model. If additional information is needed to
    re-fetch the file from this source (e.g., download URL), this is stored
    in a new `source_data` field (always serialized as a string). This
    scheme should be both more explicit and more generic.