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## Variant caller
At this moment the following variant callers can be used
`TODO: explain them briefly`
* haplotypecaller
* haplotypecaller_gvcf
* haplotypecaller_allele
* unifiedgenotyper
* unifiedgenotyper_allele
* bcftools
* freebayes
* raw
* <a href="">haplotypecaller</a>
* Running default HaplotypeCaller
* <a href="">haplotypecaller_gvcf</a>
* Running HaplotypeCaller in gvcf mode
* <a href="">haplotypecaller_allele</a>
* Only genotype a given list of alleles with HaplotypeCaller
* <a href="">unifiedgenotyper</a>
* Running default UnifiedGenotyper
* <a href="">unifiedgenotyper_allele</a>
* Only genotype a given list of alleles with UnifiedGenotyper
* <a href="">bcftools</a>
* <a href="">freebayes</a>
* [raw](../tools/MpileupToVcf)
## Config options
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