Commit edbabec1 authored by Wai Yi Leung's avatar Wai Yi Leung
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Merge branch 'fix-toucan' into 'develop'

Fix short name

See merge request !303
parents e2126bad d46354a7
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ class Toucan(val root: Configurable) extends QScript with BiopetQScript with Sum
@Input(doc = "Input VCF file", shortName = "Input", required = true)
var inputVCF: File = _
@Input(doc = "Input GVCF file", shortName = "Input", required = false)
@Input(doc = "Input GVCF file", shortName = "gvcf", required = false)
var inputGvcf: Option[File] = None
var sampleIds: List[String] = Nil
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