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......@@ -17,46 +17,94 @@ After the QC, the pipeline simply maps the reads with the chosen aligner. The re
* <a href="" target="_blank">Star-2pass</a>
* <a href="" target="_blank">Picard tool suite</a>
## Configuration and flags
For technical reasons, single sample pipelines, such as this mapping pipeline do **not** take a sample config.
Input files are in stead given on the command line as a flag.
Command line flags for the mapping pipeline are:
| Flag (short)| Flag (long) | Type | Function |
| ------------ | ----------- | ---- | -------- |
| -R1 | --input_r1 | Path (**required**) | Path to input fastq file |
| -R2 | --input_r2 | Path (optional) | Path to second read pair fastq file. |
| -sample | --sampleid | String (**required**) | Name of sample |
| -library | --libid | String (**required**) | Name of library |
If `-R2` is given, the pipeline will assume a paired-end setup.
### Config
All other values should be provided in the config. Specific config values towards the mapping pipeline are:
| Name | Type | Function |
| ---- | ---- | -------- |
| aligner | String (optional) | Which aligner to use. Defaults to `bwa-mem` |
| skipflexiprep | Boolean (optional) | Whether to skip the flexiprep QC step (default = False) |
| skipmarkduplicates | Boolean (optional) | Whether to skip the Picard Markduplicates step (default = False) |
| skipmetrics | Boolean (optional) | Whether to skip the metrics gathering step (defualt = False) |
| reference | Path (**required**) | Path to indexed fasta file to be used as reference |
| rgid | String (**required**) | Readgroup ID |
| rglb | String (**required**) | Readgroup Library |
| rgpl | String (**required**) | Readgroup Platform |
| rgpu | String (**required**) | Readgroup platform unit |
| rgsm | String (**required**) | Readgroup sample |
| rgcn | String (**required**) | Readgroup sequencing center |
| rgds | String (**required**) | Readgroup description |
| rgdt | ISO8601 date (**required**) | Readgroup sequencing date |
| rgpi | Integer (**required**) | Readgroup predicted insert size |
It is possible to provide any config value as a command line argument as well, using the `-cv` flag.
E.g. `-cv reference=<path/to/reference>` would set value `reference`.
## Example
Note that one should first create the appropriate [configs](../general/
Note that one should first create the appropriate [settings config](../general/
Any supplied sample config will be ignored.
### Example config
"reference": "<path/to/reference">,
"aligner": "bwa-mem",
"skipmetrics": True,
"rgid" : "our_id",
"rglb": "our_lib",
"rgpl": "our_platform",
"rgpu": "our_unit",
"rgsm": "our_sample",
"rgcn": "our_center",
"rgds": "our_description",
"rgdt": "2015-05-28",
"rgpi": 300,
"output_dir": "<path/to/output/dir">
### Running the pipeline
For the help menu:
java -jar </path/to/biopet.jar> pipeline mapping -h
Arguments for Mapping:
-R1,--input_r1 <input_r1> R1 fastq file
-outDir,--output_directory <output_directory> Output directory
-R2,--input_r2 <input_r2> R2 fastq file
-outputName,--outputname <outputname> Output name
-skipflexiprep,--skipflexiprep Skip flexiprep
-skipmarkduplicates,--skipmarkduplicates Skip mark duplicates
-skipmetrics,--skipmetrics Skip metrics
-ALN,--aligner <aligner> Aligner
-R,--reference <reference> Reference
-chunking,--chunking Chunking
-numberChunks,--numberchunks <numberchunks> Number of chunks, if not defined pipeline will automatically calculate the number of chunks
-RGID,--rgid <rgid> Readgroup ID
-RGLB,--rglb <rglb> Readgroup Library
-RGPL,--rgpl <rgpl> Readgroup Platform
-RGPU,--rgpu <rgpu> Readgroup platform unit
-RGSM,--rgsm <rgsm> Readgroup sample
-RGCN,--rgcn <rgcn> Readgroup sequencing center
-RGDS,--rgds <rgds> Readgroup description
-RGDT,--rgdt <rgdt> Readgroup sequencing date
-RGPI,--rgpi <rgpi> Readgroup predicted insert size
-config,--config_file <config_file> JSON config file(s)
-DSC,--disablescatterdefault Disable all scatters
-R1,--input_r1 <input_r1> R1 fastq file
-R2,--input_r2 <input_r2> R2 fastq file
-sample,--sampleid <sampleid> Sample ID
-library,--libid <libid> Library ID
-config,--config_file <config_file> JSON / YAML config file(s)
-cv,--config_value <config_value> Config values, value should be formatted like 'key=value' or
-DSC,--disablescatter Disable all scatters
To run the pipeline:
java -jar </path/to/biopet.jar> pipeline mapping -run --config mySettings.json \
-R1 myReads1.fastq -R2 myReads2.fastq -outDir myOutDir -OutputName myReadsOutput \
-R hg19.fasta -RGSM mySampleName -RGLB myLib1
-R1 myReads1.fastq -R2 myReads2.fastq
Note that removing -R2 causes the pipeline to be able of handlind single end `.fastq` files.
Note that removing -R2 causes the pipeline to assume single end `.fastq` files.
To perform a dry run simply remove `-run` from the commandline call.
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