Commit 8b3579f3 authored by Sander Bollen's avatar Sander Bollen
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Merge branch 'fix-BIOPET-486' into 'develop'

Fixing fix-BIOPET-486

See merge request !507
parents bae8c53d 2754750c
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ class Breakdancer(val root: Configurable) extends SvCaller {
val bdcfg = BreakdancerConfig(this, bamFile, new File(breakdancerSampleDir, sample + ".breakdancer.cfg"))
val breakdancer = BreakdancerCaller(this, bdcfg.output, new File(breakdancerSampleDir, sample + ".breakdancer.tsv"))
breakdancer.deps :+= bamFile
val bdvcf = BreakdancerVCF(this, breakdancer.output, new File(breakdancerSampleDir, sample + ".breakdancer.vcf"),
sample = sample + sampleNameSuffix)
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