Commit 6b6fa613 authored by bow's avatar bow
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Merge branch 'patch-summary_versions' into 'develop'

Patch summary versions

Fix for Some(versions) in summary

See merge request !118
parents 39bcb468 dee63481
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ class WriteSummary(val root: Configurable) extends InProcessFunction with Config
(for (f <- qscript.functions if f.isInstanceOf[BiopetCommandLineFunctionTrait]) yield {
f match {
case f: BiopetCommandLineFunctionTrait => {
f.configName -> Map("version" -> f.getVersion,
f.configName -> Map("version" -> f.getVersion.getOrElse(None),
"md5" -> BiopetCommandLineFunctionTrait.executableMd5Cache.getOrElse(f.executable, None))
case _ => throw new IllegalStateException("This should not be possible")
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