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# Release notes Biopet version 0.6.0
## General Code changes
* Switch to full public licence
* Upgrade to Queue 3.6
* Upgrade to java 8
* Upgrade to PIcard / htsjdk 2.4.1
## Functionality
* [Gears](../pipelines/ Added open reference module of Qiime(
* Fixed default aligner in [Gentrap](../pipelines/ to gsnap
* Makes sample and library id required in [Flexiprep](../pipelines/
* Raise some default memory limits
* Fixed a non-required value in Shiva
* Added an auto detect for MACS2 if sample is single-end or paired-end
* Added a sort by name step when htseq in Gentrap is executed
* Fixed file name of bam files in Carp
* Report now corrects for secondary reads in alignment stats
* VcfWithVcf now checks if chromosomes are in the correct reference
* Added sync stats to flexiprep report
* Added check in BamMetrics to check a given bed file is acording to the reference that is used on init of pipeline
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......@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ pages:
- VcfFilter: 'tools/'
- VepNormalizer: 'tools/'
- Release notes:
- 0.7.0: 'releasenotes/'
- 0.6.0: 'releasenotes/'
- 0.5.0: 'releasenotes/'
- 0.4.0: 'releasenotes/'
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