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Added some more docs

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......@@ -72,8 +72,7 @@ trait ReportBuilder extends ToolCommand {"Copy Base files")
// Copying out the static files from this
// Static files that will be copied to the output folder, then file is added to [resourceDir] it's need to be added here also
val extOutputDir: File = new File(cmdArgs.outputDir, "ext")
val resourceDir: String = "/nl/lumc/sasc/biopet/core/report/ext/"
val extFiles = List(
......@@ -156,7 +155,13 @@ object ReportBuilder {
private var templateCache: Map[String, File] = Map()
def renderTemplate(location: String, args: Map[String, Any]): String = {
* This method will render a template that is located in the classpath / jar
* @param location location in the classpath / jar
* @param args Additional arguments, not required
* @return Rendered result of template
def renderTemplate(location: String, args: Map[String, Any] = Map()): String = {
val templateFile: File = templateCache.get(location) match {
case Some(template) => template
case _ => {
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