Commit 0a07f02f authored by bow's avatar bow
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Remove 'num_n' in base stats since we already have 'nucleotides.N'

parent 58102415
......@@ -296,11 +296,8 @@ object SeqStat extends ToolCommand {
val commandArgs: Args = parseArgs(args)"Start seqstat")
val reader = new FastqReader(commandArgs.fastq)
seqStat(new FastqReader(commandArgs.fastq))
logger.debug(nucs)"Seqstat done")
val report: Map[String, Any] = Map(
......@@ -313,7 +310,6 @@ object SeqStat extends ToolCommand {
("stats", Map(
("bases", Map(
("num_n", nucleotideHistoMap.getOrElse('N', 0)),
("num_total", nucleotideHistoMap.values.sum),
("num_qual_gte", baseQualHistoMap.toMap),
("nucleotides", nucleotideHistoMap.toMap)
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