Commit bf0c7752 authored by Sander Bollen's avatar Sander Bollen
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rework input functions

parent ed71984b
import json
from functools import partial
from os.path import join, basename
from os import mkdir
......@@ -82,31 +83,30 @@ except OSError:
def get_r1(wildcards):
def get_r(strand, wildcards):
"""Get fastq files on a single strand for a sample"""
s = SAMPLE_CONFIG['samples'].get(wildcards.sample)
r1 = []
rs = []
for l in sorted(s['libraries'].keys()):
return r1
return rs
def get_r2(wildcards):
s = SAMPLE_CONFIG['samples'].get(wildcards.sample)
r2 = []
for l in sorted(s['libraries'].keys()):
return r2
get_r1 = partial(get_r, "R1")
get_r2 = partial(get_r, "R2")
def get_bedpath(wildcards):
return [x for x in BEDS if basename(x) == wildcards.bed][0]
"""Get absolute path of a bed file"""
return next(x for x in BEDS if basename(x) == wildcards.bed)
def get_refflatpath(wildcards):
return [x for x in REFFLATS if basename(x) == wildcards.refflat][0]
"""Get absolute path of a refflat file"""
return next(x for x in REFFLATS if basename(x) == wildcards.refflat)
def sample_gender(wildcards):
"""Get sample gender"""
sam = SAMPLE_CONFIG['samples'].get(wildcards.sample)
return sam.get("gender", "null")
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