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    Various bug fixes and additions · ce7f34fb
    jhoogenboom authored
    * Fixed crash that would occur when an empty sequence (primer dimer) is converted from raw to TSSV-style (or allelename) format.
    * Fixed bug in BGHomRaw that caused incorrect sample tags in the output.
    * Fixed bug that caused allele names with negative CE numbers and names of primer dimers to be regarded as 'invalid allele names' even though FDSTools generated those names itself.
    * Fixed crash when reading sample data while looking for an annotation column.
    * Fixed bug in Allelefinder resulting in the complete absence of output that occurred when a column name with Stuttermark output was specified.
    * Restyled the Options box on HTML visualisations. It is now less transparent and oriented more vertically to reduce overlap with the visualisation. Options are now presented in groups.
    * Updated Vega to version 2.2.1.
    * Added *_corrected columns to BGCorrect output for convenience. E.g., the total_corrected column contains the value of total-total_noise+total_add.
    * Added -L/--log-scale option to the Vis tool.
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