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    Redesigned Samplevis HTML visualisations · 8d67efec
    Hoogenboom, Jerry authored
    * Samplevis now features a responsive design. The options have been
      moved from the overlay into a menu bar that changes place and shape
      depending on the width and height of the viewport.
    * All option labels are now clickable. When clicked, the corresponding
      option receives focus.
    * The 'Save image', 'Save table', and 'Clear manually added/removed'
      links are now always visible, but change appearance when unavailable.
    * When a 'No data' line is found for one or more markers, a warning is
      displayed at the bottom of the screen.
    * Fixed bug that caused user-selected and user-removed alleles to get
      lost when the corresponding marker is filtered out using the marker
      name filter.
    * Fixed bug in the printing stylesheet that caused conforming browsers
      to break pages between the graph and the table of a marker, instead of
      avoiding to do so.
    * In HTML visualisations with embedded data, the name of the sample data
      file is now shown in the place of the file selection element.
    Other Samplevis fixes and improvements:
    * Added option to show sequences that are filtered from the graphs as a
      single 'Other sequences' aggregate entry per marker (default: on).
    * For alleles that end up at a negative read count after correction now
      have a strand balance line in the 'overlap' portion of their bar only.
    * The strand bias mark is now correctly positioned when using the square
      root scale.
    * HTML visualisations with embedded data will now use a proper filename
      for the 'Save graph' and 'Save table' options.