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    Added Profilevis to the Vis tool and added various enhancements. · 513f967a
    jhoogenboom authored
    * Added options for the graph width and filtering on marker name to
      Samplevis and Profilevis.
    * The text fields in the HTML versions of Samplevs and Profilevis
      now update the graph OnChange instead of OnKeyUp. This is done
      because rendering the graph takes a while with large data files.
    * Fixed glitch in Profilevis that caused useless horizontal axis
      labels when the logarithmic scale is used.
    * Fixed glitch in Profilevis that caused Vega to render the graph
      even before data was loaded.
    * Changed -R option of SeqConvert to -r to avoid a potential
      collision with the -R/--report option if SeqConvert ever gets
      report output support in the future.