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    Introducing StuttermodelVis (not complete yet) · e0eef88d
    jhoogenboom authored
    * Added StuttermodelVis HTML file and JSON spec. The rendering
      works, but some of the options are not implemented yet. It is
      also not yet added to the Vis tool.
    * Changed the order of stuttermodel's coefficients: 'a' used to be
      the most significant coefficient, now it is the least significant
      coefficient (the shift). The benefit of this is that when moving
      to higher-order polynomials, the extra coefficients do not change
      the meaning of the others. So 'a' is now always the shift, 'b' is
      the linear component, 'c' the quadratic, etc.
    * Added some development notes (including todo list) that I had
      kept outside of the project until now.
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