Commit f0bd8a3a authored by Mihai Lefter's avatar Mihai Lefter
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Update submodule path and added presentation submodule

parent 55b6394a
......@@ -3,4 +3,7 @@
url =
[submodule "programming-course-assignments"]
path = programming-course-assignments
url =
url =
[submodule ".presentation"]
path = .presentation
url =
Subproject commit f9fe363f5209cbfe93140a077310e3fb65d72b80
Subproject commit 44222ed4f2d9b932d6bde32b1587d2668b9dd7da
Subproject commit 2e2bb3fcc070c000e4ca1b21438246f384b71764
Subproject commit 43eada79901830702bd40dce857831aef8e76759
Subproject commit c35cce54a5d4800b90e71a43da140c0347308989
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