Unverified Commit f3ac5431 authored by Ruben Vorderman's avatar Ruben Vorderman Committed by GitHub
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Update spades.wdl

Co-authored-by: Cats's avatarDavy Cats <davycats.dc@gmail.com>
parent 5e29a653
......@@ -34,16 +34,16 @@ task Spades {
File? tslrContigs
File? trustedContigs
File? untrustedContigs
Boolean singleCell = False
Boolean metagenomic = False
Boolean rna = False
Boolean plasmid = False
Boolean ionTorrent = False
Boolean onlyErrorCorrection = False
Boolean onlyAssembler = False
Boolean careful = False
Boolean disableGzipOutput = False
Boolean disableRepeatResolution = False
Boolean singleCell = false
Boolean metagenomic = false
Boolean rna = false
Boolean plasmid = false
Boolean ionTorrent = false
Boolean onlyErrorCorrection = false
Boolean onlyAssembler = false
Boolean careful = false
Boolean disableGzipOutput = false
Boolean disableRepeatResolution = false
File? dataset
File? tmpDir
String? k
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