Commit 67c69d4e authored by cagaser's avatar cagaser
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small fix

parent c9c36cf8
......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ task ParallelPaired {
strelkaSNV: {description: "An SNV VCF as produced by strelka.", category: "advanced"}
strelkaIndel: {description: "An indel VCF as produced by somaticsniper.", category: "advanced"}
threads: {description: "The number of threads to use.", category: "advanced"}
memory: {description: "The amount of memory this job will use.", category: "advanced"}
timeMinutes: {description: "The maximum amount of time the job will run in minutes.", category: "advanced"}
dockerImage: {description: "The docker image used for this task. Changing this may result in errors which the developers may choose not to address.", category: "advanced"}
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