Commit 6bbd1b9a authored by Sam Nooij's avatar Sam Nooij
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Add support for deduplicated files

parent 9b0a5341
...@@ -71,7 +71,15 @@ everything from "_to_" until the end. ...@@ -71,7 +71,15 @@ everything from "_to_" until the end.
else: else:
without_path = filename without_path = filename
if "Depth_of_coverage" in without_path:
without_prefix = without_path.replace("Depth_of_coverage-", "") without_prefix = without_path.replace("Depth_of_coverage-", "")
elif "Deduplicated_depth_of_coverge" in without_path:
without_prefix = without_path.replace("Deduplicated_depth_of_coverage-", "")
# This should never happen, but the result will show in the sample names
# of the output files
sample = without_prefix[: without_prefix.index("_to_")] sample = without_prefix[: without_prefix.index("_to_")]
return sample return sample
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