Commit ae8595b3 authored by bow's avatar bow
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Fix error on first time deployments caused by incorrect nginx startup order

parent 16bf6ee1
- name: install nginx
apt: pkg=nginx state=present
- name: start nginx
service: name=nginx state=started enabled=yes
......@@ -70,25 +70,25 @@
- name: set nginx configuration
template: src=sentinel.nginx.j2 dest=/etc/nginx/sites-available/sentinel
notify: restart nginx
register: nginx_config
- name: disable default nginx configuration
file: path=/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default state=absent
notify: restart nginx
- name: enable sentinel nginx configuration
file: path=/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/sentinel src=/etc/nginx/sites-available/sentinel state=link
notify: restart nginx
when: nginx_config|changed
- name: start nginx
service: name=nginx state=started enabled=yes
- name: ensure scaladoc page is up
uri: url=
- name: ensure guide page is up
- name: ensure guide page up
uri: url=
- name: wait up to 5 mins for sentinel to run on port 8080
- name: wait sentinel startup
wait_for: host= port=8080
- name: ensure api-docs page is up
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