Commit 5dd5313e authored by bow's avatar bow
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Make sure apt cache is updated before installing packages

parent f50ceaf4
......@@ -7,10 +7,10 @@
apt_repository: repo="deb wheezy/mongodb-org/3.2 main" state=present
- name: install mongodb-org
apt: pkg=mongodb-org=3.2.1 state=present
apt: pkg=mongodb-org=3.2.1 state=present update_cache=yes
- name: install PyMongo from apt
apt: pkg=python-pymongo state=latest
apt: pkg=python-pymongo state=latest update_cache=yes
when: not mongodb_pymongo_pip_version
- name: install pip
- name: install nginx
apt: pkg=nginx state=present
apt: pkg=nginx state=present update_cache=yes
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
apt_repository: repo="deb jessie-backports main" state=present
- name: install system dependencies
apt: pkg={{ item }} state=present
apt: pkg={{ item }} state=present update_cache=yes
- apt-transport-https
- build-essential
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