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Put raw input files and other large static dependencies (e.g. custom genome reference, annotation files) here.
# Taxonomy
All big files better to be handled as git annex objects. Please refer to for how to work with git annex.
Downloaded on 17/10/2018.
Contains the taxdump files (nodes.dmp and names.dmp are necessary).
# external_sets
Query used
Manually download the summary returned from NCBI.
# Library
## release90
### library
Downloaded on 17/10/2018.
Contains all _raw_ fasta files, per domain. Do not change this.
Domains included:
- archaea
- bacteria
- fungi
- invertebrate
- protozoa
- plant
- vertebrate_mammalian
- viral
Folder structure can be either flat or hierarchical depending on the project setup. However, the sample sheet in ../Doc folder should specify explicitly the meaning of each input file.
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