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For more information, please go to the [**Wiki Page**](
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For more information, please go to the [**Wiki Page**](
### **How does it work?**
* Three 10-minute presentations, scheduled in advance
* 30 minutes of open discussion / guest lecture
* **New Projects:** share what your new project entails and your plan of action.
* **Troubleshooting:** discuss problems you have been facing.
* **Updates:** give an update on your progress and new findings.
* **New Ideas:** propose / discuss a new (mini)project.
* **Out of the Box:** give a short review of an article or news story. Use GIT to share!
<br>**WHO** <br>
**Everyone!** Works best if you volunteer yourself, otherwise a time slot will be randomly chosen and allocated to you …
<br>**HOW** <br>
Up to you! Use the whiteboard or make a few slides but simple verbal communication is not very engaging …
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