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# List of topics:
- Algorithm development.
- Automation systems (connections to existing systems (LOVD+, Genesis, etc.).
- Frameworks, programming languages. Standards in languages.
- Code quality (coding standards, best practices, documentation, versioning).
- Code reviews.
- CompSci research (e.g., algorithms for sequence comparison).
- High level software / network architecture.
- Frontend development. Frameworks, visualisation, graphs, etc.
- Testing unit testing, functional testing, continuous integration, user acceptance.
- Infrastructure (Schedulers, Storage, etc.)
- HPC developments (parallelisation, GPU computing).
- Programming infrastructure (Git).
- Security.
- Databases.
- Development models (pair programming, Agile, etc.)
* General discussion about active projects.
- One presentation.
- A general discussion on a specific topic.
- Scheduling of new meetings, appoint moderator and discussion leader.
- No minutes, we do share slides in a central repository (PDF).
- Invitations per topic.
1. Algorithm development topic by Jeroen. Ruben moderates.
- Discussion about GPU / Hardware. Mark S.
2. Amegilla (lecacy system wrapper) by Sander. Bowo moderates.
- Development models.
3. Task scheduling with Celery (Bowo). Mark K. moderates.
- Visualisation tools.
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