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......@@ -30,28 +30,33 @@ To start working on Shark you need a so-called **LUMC Research account**. Due to
[Apply for an Account](
Which information do you need, and where to apply. More details on the process.
When you apply for an account the Shark Introduction Course is mandatory.
[Shark Introduction Course](
Information about the Shark Introduction Course and other courses.
Once you have an account and did the course you need login.
[How to Connect](
Practical information about the LUMC Research account and how to connect to Shark from different networks on Windows, Mac and Linux. Information about the jumpserver and the password.
Ater connecting to Shark, you want to start using software on a cluster.
Information about the available software and how to use it with an cluster queue, together with how to apply new software or libaries. Information about the `module` tool, to use different versions of the same software.
Information about the storage. where to store your data on the cluster. And how to connect to the storage.
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