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      Limit input sequence length for description extractor · 54188c59
      Vermaat authored
      This is hopefully a temporary measure. At the moment we cannot accurately
      predict the running time of the extractor, so we have to aggressively
      limit the input based on the worst-case expectation.
      As a worst-case scenario, we currently use random input sequences, where
      length 1000bp yields about 500ms of running time.
      In the future we hope to either:
      1. Predict the running time and abort if needed.
      2. Keep track of the running time and abort if needed.
      3. Run the extractor in a task scheduler with a running time limit.
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      Link to description extractor project page · febfe186
      Vermaat authored
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      New description extractor web interface · 55d10b82
      Jeroen F.J. Laros authored and Vermaat's avatar Vermaat committed
      We can now compare two sequences by supplying their sequence strings,
      accession numbers, or uploaded file.
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      Port website from web.py to Flask · 0abce583
      Vermaat authored
      This includes changing a lot of routes and parameter names to be more
      consistent. We try to remain backwards compatible as much as possible
      by providing redirects from old routes and parameter names.
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