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Now we can find and substitute new uncanonical acids in protein_variant :)

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parent 8f5373dc
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ class Locus(object) :
self.location = []
self.exon = None
self.txTable = 1
self.CM = None
self.transcriptID = None
self.proteinID = None
......@@ -708,7 +708,6 @@ class GBparser():
If your entry does not contain it, this function return an empty list.'''
# We are looking for translational exception: single codon
# the translation of which does not conform to genetic code
# indicated by transl_table. For more information see
......@@ -721,7 +720,6 @@ class GBparser():
"Thr":"T", "Tyr":"Y", "Trp":"W", "Cys":"C", "Pro":"P",
"Sec":"U", "Pyl":"O", "TERM":"Stop"}
sec_coord_list.append((int(intermediate[1]), triplet_dict[intermediate[-1]], "g."))
return sec_coord_list
......@@ -1311,19 +1311,24 @@ def _add_transcript_info(mutator, transcript, output):
output.addMessage(__file__, 4, 'ENODNA',
'Invalid letters in reference sequence.')
#if '*' in cds_original.translate(table=transcript.txTable)[:-1]:
# star_subst(cds_original,transcript)
protein_original = cds_original.translate(table = transcript.txTable)
protein_original = star_subst(protein_original, transcript).split("*")[0]
if '*' in protein_original[:-1]:
output.addMessage(__file__, 3, 'ESTOP',
'In frame stop codon.')
protein_variant = cds_variant.translate(table = transcript.txTable)
protein_variant = star_subst(protein_variant, transcript).split("*")[0]
'In frame stop codon.')
protein_variant = cds_variant.translate(table = transcript.txTable)
triplets = define_triplet(cds_original, transcript.transl_except)
protein_variant = substitute_variant_prot(cds_variant, protein_variant, triplets)
protein_variant = protein_variant.split("*")[0]
#output.addMessage(__file__, 2, 'WSUBST',
# ' The uncanonical amino acids were found and substituted in \
# predicted protein according to translation exception annotation to original protein. \
# Context was not taken into account. ')
# add Selenocysteine recognition. [see substitute_variant function]
# protein_variant = substitute_variant_prot(cds_variant, protein_variant, triplets, True)
# Note: addOutput('origCDS', ...) was first before the possible
# reverse complement operation above.
......@@ -1540,7 +1545,7 @@ def process_variant(mutator, description, record, output):
if transcript.CM.orientation == -1:
cds = Bio.Seq.reverse_complement(cds)
protein = cds.translate(table=transcript.txTable, cds=True, to_stop=True) #&&&
protein = cds.translate(table=transcript.txTable, cds=True, to_stop=True)
mutator.orig = protein
mutator.mutated = protein
......@@ -1921,8 +1926,33 @@ def star_subst(protein, transcript):
if protein[start] == '*':
protein[start] = aa
# output.addMessage(__file__, 2, 'WSTOP',
#output.addMessage(__file__, 2, 'WSTOP',
# 'The stop codons were substituted according to GenBank annotation')
return protein
def substitute_variant_prot(nucl_seq, prot_seq, triplets, Sec = False):
'''This function return a changed protein. Amino acids are substituted according to triplets dictionary.
Unfortunately, the function does not check context around substituted amino_acid, but it has that possibility in future'''
prot = prot_seq.tomutable()
for triplet in triplets:
for i in range(len(nucl_seq)/3):
if str(nucl_seq[i*3:i*3+3]) == triplet:
if Sec:
if context(sequence, i*3): # TODO: context function (return False or True in depend on Sec context).
#The function never go on this way, while we don't write the context(?) function.
prot[i] = triplets[triplet]
prot[i] = triplets[triplet]
prot = prot.toseq()
return prot
def define_triplet(sequence, transl_except):
''' The function goes through the list of transl_except and makes a dictionary: {Triplet:Uncanonical_Amino_Acid}.
It return triplet according to coordinates of exception in transl_except'''
for start, aa, scheme in transl_except:
if scheme!="p.":
raise Exception("kosyaaak")
triplets[str(sequence[start*3:start*3+3])] = aa
return triplets
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