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Merge branch 'master' into nc_db

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......@@ -772,37 +772,23 @@ class LRGRetriever(Retriever):
def fetch(self, name):
Fetch the LRG file and store in the cache directory. First try to
grab the file from the confirmed section, if this fails, get it
from the pending section.
Fetch the LRG file and store in the cache directory.
:arg unicode name: The name of the LRG file to fetch.
:returns: the full path to the file; None in case of an error.
:rtype: unicode
prefix = settings.LRG_PREFIX_URL
url = prefix + '{}.xml'.format(name)
pending_url = prefix + 'pending/{}.xml'.format(name)
url = '{}/{}.xml'.format(settings.LRG_PREFIX_URL, name)
filename = None
return self.downloadrecord(url, name)
except urllib2.URLError:
# Catch error: file not found.
# Try to get the file from the pending section.
filename = self.downloadrecord(pending_url, name)
__file__, 2, 'WPEND',
'Warning: LRG file {} is a pending entry.'.format(name))
return filename
filename = self.downloadrecord(url, name)
except urllib2.URLError:
__file__, 4, 'ERETR', 'Could not retrieve {}.'.format(name))
# Explicit return in case of an Error.
return None
return filename
def downloadrecord(self, url, name=None):
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