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Do not crash on EST reference

git-svn-id: eb6bd6ab-9ccd-42b9-aceb-e2899b4a52f1
parent 7cac3ed8
......@@ -537,10 +537,14 @@ def apply_insertion(before, after, s, mutator, record, O):
# means we roll over two splice sites, since they are adjacent.)
# We only have to consider the forward roll, since RNA reference
# sequences are always orientated in correspondence with the transcript.
# Todo: There's probably a better way to check if we are on RNA.
original_forward_roll = forward_roll
if record.record.molType != 'g' :
splice_sites = record.record.geneList[0].transcriptList[0] \
if record.record.molType != 'g':
splice_sites = record.record.geneList[0].transcriptList[0] \
except IndexError:
splice_sites = []
for acceptor, donor in util.grouper(splice_sites):
# Note that acceptor and donor splice sites both point to the
# first, respectively last, position of the exon, so they are
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