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delete end position of transl_excepy in variantchecker.pyand

git-svn-id: eb6bd6ab-9ccd-42b9-aceb-e2899b4a52f1
parent aecdbfd8
......@@ -492,7 +492,6 @@ class GBparser():
record.source_accession, record.source_version ='.')[:2]
record.source_gi = biorecord.annotations['gi']
record.organism = biorecord.annotations['organism']
##record.transl_except = self.create_exception(biorecord)
# Todo: This will change once we support protein references
if isinstance(biorecord.seq.alphabet, ProteinAlphabet):
......@@ -718,10 +717,10 @@ class GBparser():
intermediate=re.split("[,:.]", transl_except.strip("()"))
triplet_dict={"Ala":"A", "Gly":"G", "Val":"V", "Leu":"L", "Ile":"I",
"Met":"M", "Phe":"F", "Asn":"N", "Gln":"Q", "Asp":"D",
"Glu":"E", "His":"H", "Lys":"K", "Arg":"R", "Ser":"S",
"Glu":"E", "His":"H", "Lys":"K", "Arg":"R", "Ser":"S",
"Thr":"T", "Tyr":"Y", "Trp":"W", "Cys":"C", "Pro":"P",
"Sec":"U", "Pyl":"O", "TERM":"Stop"}
sec_coord_list.append((int(intermediate[1]),int(intermediate[3]), triplet_dict[intermediate[-1]], "g."))
sec_coord_list.append((int(intermediate[1]), triplet_dict[intermediate[-1]], "g."))
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ from mutalyzer import GenRecord
from mutalyzer import Db
# Exceptions used (privately) in this module.
class _VariantError(Exception): pass
class _RawVariantError(_VariantError): pass
......@@ -1315,14 +1316,14 @@ def _add_transcript_info(mutator, transcript, output):
# star_subst(cds_original,transcript)
protein_original = cds_original.translate(table = transcript.txTable)
protein_original = star_subst(protein_original, transcript)
protein_original = star_subst(protein_original, transcript).split("*")[0]
if '*' in protein_original[:-1]:
output.addMessage(__file__, 3, 'ESTOP',
'In frame stop codon.') #&&&
'In frame stop codon.')
protein_variant = cds_variant.translate(table = transcript.txTable)
protein_variant = star_subst(protein_variant, transcript)
protein_variant = star_subst(protein_variant, transcript).split("*")[0]
# Note: addOutput('origCDS', ...) was first before the possible
# reverse complement operation above.
......@@ -1539,7 +1540,7 @@ def process_variant(mutator, description, record, output):
if transcript.CM.orientation == -1:
cds = Bio.Seq.reverse_complement(cds)
protein = cds.translate(table=transcript.txTable, cds=True, to_stop=True)
protein = cds.translate(table=transcript.txTable, cds=True, to_stop=True) #&&&
mutator.orig = protein
mutator.mutated = protein
......@@ -1770,13 +1771,11 @@ def check_variant(description, output):
# FIXME this is a bit of a rancid fix.
protein_original = star_subst(cds_original.translate(), transcript).split("*")[0]
print "once more", protein_original
except Bio.Data.CodonTable.TranslationError:
output.addMessage(__file__, 4, "ETRANS", "Original " \
"CDS could not be translated.")
protein_variant = star_subst(cds_variant.translate(), transcript).split("*")[0]
print "once more" , protein_variant
cds_length = util.cds_length(
......@@ -1890,24 +1889,17 @@ def converting_coordinates(create_exception_output, transript_cm):
transcript_cm: Locus.CM object
if scheme == 'g.':
coding_main_s, coding_offset_s = transript_cm.g2x(start)
if coding_offset_s != 0:
output.addMessage(__file__, 3, 'EOFFSET',
'Reading frame offset')
coding_main_e, coding_offset_e = transript_cm.g2x(end)
if coding_offset_e != 0:
output.addMessage(__file__, 3, 'EOFFSET',
'Reading frame offset')
start = coding_main_s/3
end = coding_main_e/3
elif scheme == 'c.':
# I think this is in LRGs, look at it later.
start = start/3
end = end/3
elif scheme == "p.":
......@@ -1915,20 +1907,22 @@ def converting_coordinates(create_exception_output, transript_cm):
'Error in transl_exception object') # TODO: Normal description
return start,end,aa,"p." # Now `position` is an index in the CDS.
return start, aa,"p." # Now `position` is an index in the CDS.
def star_subst(protein, transcript):
''' The function substitute stop codons in reference sequence
if there is information about it in GenBank file'''
for start, stop, aa, scheme in transcript.transl_except:
for start, aa, scheme in transcript.transl_except:
if scheme!="p.":
s, e, a, sch = converting_coordinates((start, stop, aa, scheme), transcript.CM)
transcript.transl_except[transcript.transl_except.index((start, stop, aa, scheme))] = s, e, a, sch
start, stop, aa, scheme = s, e, a, sch
s, a, sch = converting_coordinates((start, aa, scheme), transcript.CM)
transcript.transl_except[transcript.transl_except.index((start, aa, scheme))] = s, a, sch
start, aa, scheme = s, a, sch
if protein[start] == '*':
protein[start] = aa
# output.addMessage(__file__, 2, 'WSTOP',
# 'The stop codons were substituted according to GenBank annotation')
return protein
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