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Some math errors were fixed

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parent 612428a6
......@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ def create_record(data):
CDSPList = GenRecord.PList()
for CDS in tData.getElementsByTagName("coding_region"):
for exc in CDS.getElementsByTagName("translation_exception"):
codon = _attr2dict(exc.attributes)["codon"]
codon = _attr2dict(exc.attributes)["codon"] - 1
aa=_get_content(exc, "sequence")[0]
transcription.transl_except.append((codon, aa, "p."))
coordinates = _get_coordinates(CDS, lrg_id)
......@@ -1313,8 +1313,11 @@ def _add_transcript_info(mutator, transcript, output):
protein_original = cds_original.translate(table = transcript.txTable)
protein_original = star_subst(protein_original, transcript, output).split("*")[0]
protein_original, res = star_subst(protein_original, transcript)
if res:
for i in res:
output.addMessage(__file__,2, 'WSTOP', 'The stop codon was substituted in position {0} according to GenBank annotation'.format(i))
if '*' in protein_original[:-1]:
output.addMessage(__file__, 3, 'ESTOP',
'In frame stop codon.')
......@@ -1326,8 +1329,8 @@ def _add_transcript_info(mutator, transcript, output):
for i in result:
if i <= len(protein_variant):
output.addMessage(__file__, 2, 'WSUBST',
' The uncanonical amino acids were found and substituted in \
predicted protein (position: {0}) according to translation exception annotation to original protein. \
' The uncanonical amino acid was found and substituted in \
predicted protein according to translation exception annotation to original protein.Position: {0}. \
Context was not taken into account.'.format(i+1))
#add Selenocysteine recognition. [see substitute_variant function]
#protein_variant = substitute_variant_prot(cds_variant, protein_variant, triplets, True)
......@@ -1778,8 +1781,8 @@ def check_variant(description, output):
if not len(cds_original) % 3:
# FIXME this is a bit of a rancid fix.
protein_original = star_subst(cds_original.translate(), transcript, output).split("*")[0]
protein_original, res = star_subst(cds_original.translate(), transcript)
except Bio.Data.CodonTable.TranslationError:
output.addMessage(__file__, 4, "ETRANS", "Original " \
"CDS could not be translated.")
......@@ -1924,10 +1927,12 @@ def converting_coordinates(create_exception_output, transript_cm):
return start, aa,"p." # Now `position` is an index in the CDS.
def star_subst(protein, transcript, output):
def star_subst(protein, transcript):
''' The function substitute stop codons in reference sequence
if there is information about it in GenBank file'''
for start, aa, scheme in transcript.transl_except:
if scheme!="p.":
s, a, sch = converting_coordinates((start, aa, scheme), transcript.CM)
transcript.transl_except[transcript.transl_except.index((start, aa, scheme))] = s, a, sch
......@@ -1936,10 +1941,9 @@ def star_subst(protein, transcript, output):
if protein[start] == '*':
protein[start] = aa
output.addMessage(__file__, 2, 'WSTOP',
'The stop codon was substituted in positions {0} according to GenBank annotation '.format(start+1))
return protein
return protein, res
def substitute_variant_prot(nucl_seq, prot_seq, triplets, Sec = False):
'''This function return a changed protein. Amino acids are substituted according to triplets dictionary.
Unfortunately, the function does not check context around substituted amino_acid, but it has that possibility in future'''
......@@ -1955,6 +1959,7 @@ def substitute_variant_prot(nucl_seq, prot_seq, triplets, Sec = False):
prot[i] = triplets[triplet]
prot = prot.toseq()
return prot, result
......@@ -1963,6 +1968,7 @@ def define_triplet(sequence, transl_except):
It return triplet according to coordinates of exception in transl_except'''
for start, aa, scheme in transl_except:
if scheme == "p.":
if scheme == "p.":
triplets[str(sequence[start*3:start*3+3])] = aa
return triplets
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