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- [Contributing](CONTRIBUTING.md)
- ["The design of SuperElastix - a unifying framework for a wide range of image registration methodologies"](http://www.cv-foundation.org/openaccess/content_cvpr_2016_workshops/w15/papers/Berendsen_The_Design_of_CVPR_2016_paper.pdf), F. F. Berendsen, K. Marstal, S. Klein and M. Staring, [WBIR2016](http://wbir2016.doc.ic.ac.uk/), [[paper latex source](https://github.com/SuperElastix/Publications/tree/master/paperWBIR16)] [[poster](https://github.com/SuperElastix/Publications/blob/master/posterWBIR16/Poster_SuperElastix_WBIR.svg)]
## Development ##
- `SuperElastix v1.0` has been released! Please see our `master` branch
- We encourage users that build SuperElastix from sources to use our `develop` branch
- All branches and pull requests are build and unit tested by Continuous Integration: see our [CDash](https://my.cdash.org/index.php?project=SuperElastix) for the latest status
## Authors ##
- [Floris Berendsen](https://www.lumc.nl/org/radiologie/medewerkers/BerendsenF)
- [Kasper Marstal](http://www.bigr.nl/website/index.php?page=people&subpage=person&id=KasperMarstal)
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