Commit 45298846 authored by Floris Berendsen's avatar Floris Berendsen
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WIP: COMP: FindNiftyreg hardcoded to find png and z on linux too

parent ad89a44d
......@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@
set(Niftyreg_FIND_COMPONENTS _reg_aladin _reg_blockMatching _reg_f3d _reg_femTrans _reg_globalTrans _reg_localTrans _reg_maths _reg_measure _reg_ReadWriteImage _reg_resampling _reg_tools reg_nifti reg_png)
# *NIX OSes use system png and zlib, for Windows OS Niftyreg is configured to build these libraries
if( WIN32)
#if( WIN32)
list(APPEND Niftyreg_FIND_COMPONENTS png z)
endif (WIN32)
#endif (WIN32)
set(Niftyreg_INCLUDE_DIR ${NIFTYREG_DIR}/include CACHE PATH "Installed Include Directory of NiftyReg" )
#set(Niftyreg_LIBRARIES "" CACHE STRING "Found libraries NiftyReg" )
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