Commit 13055120 authored by Kasper Marstal's avatar Kasper Marstal
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COMP: Remove source file extension from test binary names

parent 82384fe8
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ list( APPEND TEST_LIBRARIES
foreach( SuperElastixUnitTestFileName ${SUPERELASTIX_TESTS} )
# Build tests executables
get_filename_component( SuperElastixUnitTest ${SuperElastixUnitTestFileName} NAME )
get_filename_component( SuperElastixUnitTest ${SuperElastixUnitTestFileName} NAME_WE )
add_executable( ${SuperElastixUnitTest} ${SuperElastixUnitTestFileName} )
target_link_libraries( "${SuperElastixUnitTest}" ${SUPERELASTIX_LIBRARIES} ${ITK_LIBRARIES} ${TEST_LIBRARIES} )
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